VTconsole 1.6

After its first release in February, the App VTconsole now comes with several new features and improvements. These include:

  • UTF-8 support
  • Portrait mode
  • New fonts
  • Configuration-administration
  • Keyboard configuration
  • Flowtouch® Speedmaker configuration

UTF-8 support

VTconsole not only handles font formats (formerly specified by DEC) but now also supports several ISO-8859-*font formats and – most importantly – the UTF-8-coding.

Portrait mode

Screen im Portrait Modus
VTconsole best functions when applied with Flowtouch® Speedmaker. Therefore, it is designed for the landscape mode display. However, there are speedmaker-user, who unexpectedly use this accessory (and of course there are iphone-user). Hence VTconsole now also supports the portrait-mode.


VTconsole Font Auswahl und Schriftgrößen-EinstellungThere are four different fonts available. The font size and line spacing can be adjusted with pitch-gestures.


All configuration data is saved in a plist. Through the itunes data exchange, the plist can be selected, modified and allocated to other devices. A read only flag serves to lock the configuration. The flag can only be set outside the app.


Die speziellen Tastaturen der VTconsole können in der plist konfiguriert werden. Das betrifft die Position der Taste, ihre Größe und ihren Wert einschließlich der Möglichkeit, eine ganze Zeichenfolge (Makro) einem Button zuzuordnen.
VTconsole’s special keyboards can be configured in the plist. This feature comprises the position of the key, its size and figure, including the possibility to assign an entire character string (macro) to a specific button.

Flowtouch Speedmaker

The Speedmaker-support was updated. Inter alia, it is now possible to operate the scanner through shift-gestures or a finger push button.

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