VTconsole 3.4.0

Starting May 3 2017 the new version 3.4.0 of VTconsole is available in the App Store.

Important new features:

  • The implementation of “Double width double height” is closing an emulation gap.
    Now the following control codes are recognized: ESC # 3 (Line double width, double height, top half), ESC # 4 (Line double width, double height, low half), ESC # 5 (Line single width, single height),ESC # 6 (Line double width, single height), ESC # : (Line single width, double height, top half), ESC # ; (Line single width, double height, low half).
  • The program structure was converted to multi-threading thus making bulk data processing much better.
  • The connection parameter „Terminal type“ can now be set to any value. Before it was fixed „vt220“.
  • Now acoustic signalling will not only be done by the accessory but also accompanied by sounds of the iOS device.
  • If a barcode scan accessory is connected you can trigger a scan by tapping on the VT screen. This is the same behaviour as with the builtin camera.

Other improvements and bugfixes:

  • If you tap the Info button of a running session, the session will be aborted and its profile can be edited immediately.
  • The accessory connection will be checked continuously. Thus there is no need to restart the app after a connection error.
  • If the hostname could not be resolved an error message will be issued.
  • The control code sequence CSI ? 5 h CSI ? 5 l can be used to generate a screen flash.
  • Log data is more accurate now.
  • In the Telnet protocol an output control code CR will now be followed by control code NUL unless the new switch „Force Binary Option“ is enabled.
  • The control code BEL now generates a sound again.
  • The screen reverse mode implementation has been corrected.
  • In „Shared Device“ module you couldn’t erase username and password in a reliable manner. Furthermore the cursor movement was annoying. These problems were resolved.
  • There were some rendering problems with error and warn messages corrected.
  • Some rendering problems while changing from portrait to landscape mode or vice versa were solved.
  • Profile names are now guaranteed to be unique.
  • The camera can now again be used in landscape mode.

Caution: macOS-App VTconsoleConfigurator does not support VTconsole configuration parameter created in version 3.3.0 or later. An update of VTconsoleConfigurator will be published soon.

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