Release of VTconsole for iOS

Apple App Store now offers my App VTconsole – hooray!
VTconsole demo screen
It took exactly three month until Apple finally said “ready for sale”. Three month which were at times arduous. There were no problems regarding the content – neither mistakes nor infringements of the various directives. Rather, it seemed that Apple itself did not really know how to deal with such an App. This might be because the distinctive feature of VTconsole is that it is designed for a specific accessory, the Flowtouch® Speedmaker, which is an industry terminal with an integrated barcode-reader on the basis of iPod touch.

This software-hardware-combination unites two different worlds: On the one hand the ancient protocols and standards Telnet as well as VT100, on the other hand the latest iOS-devices from Apple, which are already well established in the consumer sector and now appear in trade and industry, challenging Motorola, Intermec and Co. Regarding this target groups legacy host applications, which expect Telnet clients as a terminal, regularly appear. With VTconsole it is possible to support old processes as well as new processes with the modern Touch UI – all on the same mobile computer (hand-held terminal). Since iOS 6 it is possible to put iPhone or iPod touch (and thus also Flowtouch® Speedmaker) into “Kiosk mode” and thereby protect the devices against unintentional changes and misuse. There are no more obstacles to the usage in industrial enterprises!

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