VTconsoleConfigurator in the Mac App Store

VTconsoleConfigurator is part of the programme family the centre of which is the iOS programme VTconsole. The software is available in the Mac App Store since the end of January. Simultaneously, version 1.2.0 of VTconsoleAssistant and version 3.2.1 of VTconsole were released.

With VTconsoleConfigurator you can edit all VTconsole preferences at your Mac desktop and moreover make changes at the user interface.

In particular, these are:

  • The connection data, e.i. host address etc.
  • The login-data, which enables an auto login
  • Font type, font size, background and more
  • aftertreatment of barcode data,
  • keyboard layout in portrait and landscape mode.

You can flexibly change the keyboard layout:

  • The size of the keyboard as such
  • The number of keys per column and row

And you can configure each key individually:

  • The label
  • The code as a VT200-key
  • Or as macro, e.i. any character string

In addition you can define the key’s size and position in relation to the keyboard matrix.

A keyboard has one or more switching levels, which specifically fit either to the portrait or landscape mode. You can

  • View and edit all levels
  • Add new and delete existing levels

With VTconsoleAssistant, a changed or newly defined configuration will be loaded onto the iOS-device or to all devices of one location.

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