VTconsole 3.5.1

Since November 6th, 2018 the new version 3.5.1 of VTconsole is available in the App Store.

There are only small changes, mainly the new version ensures compatibility with iOS 12 and the new iPhone models Xr, Xs and Xs Max.

VTconsoleAssistant 1.3.1

VTconsoleAssistant Messages

Since 10. February 2017 version 1.3.1 of VTconsoleAssistant is available in the Apple’s macOS App Store


  • Now you can select multiple devices. Any action will then be applied to the list of selected devices. That makes broadcast messages possible as well as deploying a new configuration to many devices at once.
  • The messages view has got a new layout.
  • Sent messages will be stored and can be retrieved for several days.